Nothing speaks more about Landro than the words of our satisfied customers.

We are always concerned about our clients’ privacy for videos we record. Landro keeps everything safe and secure from unauthorized eyes.

T. Carlson

Counseling Clinic Director

The Landro is dummy-proof. You could never do this with any other digital video!

L. Brong

We study video in a whole different way now. We spend more time getting students to see mistakes so they can correct them before their next recording session.

L. Guth

Counseling Clinic Director

We used to watch video… it was hard to study to correct techniques for our students. Now it takes just a few minutes!

G. Oliver

Head Coach

Landro’s way of tagging video highlights is exactly what we needed to teach our students how to be better counselors. It’s made a real positive impact on our program.

C. Danduneau

It is great to watch a live recording session and be able to just click on an icon to tag a spot that we want to review with a student.

Tim Cortazzo