Getting the Most of Landro

Landro Play Analyzer is similar to an interview video recording system. The major difference between Landro and other observation or interview recording systems is that Landro allows you to make the recorded video smarter by allowing the user to tag important places in a video.  Landro then embeds metadata concerning those important segments of video so you can call up these playback segments in a fraction of a second to review your skills. So now you can just click with your mouse or use your computer’s touchscreen to access any of the “Landro Plays”. Landro manages and controls the myriad of devices like IP cameras, Windows servers, computers, microphone, and storage drives, storing hundreds or even thousands of digital video files.

We are confident that our Learning Site will help you with great ideas to consider as you plan your interview recording rooms. Ideas like the color of the walls in the recording area, lighting, microphone placement, camera placement, types of cameras to use, etc.

The most expensive part of building your recording room is usually the equipment and infrastructure. We’ll give you our ideas from our 30 years of helping with video and audio installations.  Our hope is for you to gain a basic understanding of how to choose the right equipment and how to get great video and audio recordings.