Landro Enterprise

All of our Landro versions of software have the same features and functionality. The Landro Enterprise is installed on your own university or corporate network and the Landro Subscription version is installed on our own Landro network and paid by you through a yearly subscription fee.

Landro Enterprise software runs on a Windows server and requires a unique sub-net on your corporate or university network. It allows you to observe and digitally record video interview sessions. Once the sessions are recorded, highlights of the video can be tagged so you can access any of them later in a fraction of a second. Then, by just clicking on a tagged highlight, you can play them back without ever rewinding or searching for your video highlights.

There are Three Landro  Software Modules

Landro Video Server

This software is a web server service running on Windows Server 2012 R2 or later. The server manages and records video cameras and controls AXIS IP network cameras (pan, tilt and zoom functions). The Landro server also manages security policies and user privacy features. Camera configurations, user management, security policies, video management, tagging highlights, sharing and notification are all managed by the Landro Enterprise Server (see the Landro Enterprise Network drawing below).

Landro Live Software

Landro Live software allows you to monitor or observe cameras in any of the rooms used for video counseling sessions. While monitoring or observing session rooms, you can begin a recording with just a few clicks. When the recordings are completed, videos are automatically saved to your private video folder. Supervisors have access to view any of their student videos through Landro’s “User Management” policies. Students, supervisors, directors and administrators have separate privileges to protect the privacy of all videos.

LandroPlay Software

LandroPlay allows you to playback prerecorded video. Once a video session is recorded, LandroPlay allows you to playback the video to review and tag important video highlights. All the tagged highlight segments show up in the analysis center so you can playback and view just the important highlights of the video or share them with an instructor or supervisor. Also, you can create a “PlayCart™” with any number of highlights in the cart and then share them.

Landro Enterprise Network Diagram

Download the Landro Installation Prerequistes

  • Hardware Specifications
  • Specifications for User PCs
  • Specifications — Network Data Switch
  • General Rights, Privileges and Network Prerequisites
  • Network Level Configuration
  • Remote Access for Landro Support
  • Landro On Site Scheduling Requirements

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